My husband and I had Diana as our doula and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her passion for her work was evident from the start, and we found her to be a friendly, helpful and grounded presence during both our pre- and postnatal visits and labor itself.

Diana has a gift for being attuned with the needs of her clients (both birthing mama and partner – and even our dog, Harper.) We felt comfortable opening up to her and sharing our hopes and fears. I was confident in even the most vulnerable moments during labor because I knew Diana was there advocating for me and supporting my husband.

Thank you, Diana. We are both eternally grateful for your efforts and participation in the most memorable experience of my life. You were such a strong, supportive and warm comfort to us that never wavered. You are an amazingly beautiful person and I can’t thank you enough for all three of us.

Heather R. 

Diana is everything I wanted in a doula. I was never committed to a specific birth plan and I wanted a doula that would support me in any situation. Whether I went completely natural or full-on medicated, I wanted to make sure that my choices were never “judged” and only supported. I was very fluid during my pregnancy and birth, never wanting to plan too much knowing that things rarely go according to such plans. Diana was completely supportive and helpful through all of my indecisive decisions 🙂

Diana came to all of our meetings prepared with great ideas and print outs for me to have. She is a wealth of information on everything from birth prep, to active labor and postpartum. My only regret is that I didn’t labor longer (kind of, haha) and get to test out all of her techniques.

As my due date neared Diana was always checking in, and letting me know about her personal schedule so that I would be comforted knowing that she was never too far. My actual labor was very fast and happened late at night, and Diana was easily reached by text message, and came to the hospital at 2am. Afterwards she gave me some wonderful herbs for healing, was super supportive, and even brought a gift for the new baby.

I have already given Diana’s name to a family member. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting a cool, calm, and collected doula who is also warm, loving, and supportive.

-Brianna Y.

After having a traumatic experience with the birth of my first child, I had a lot of anxiety thinking about labor and delivery when I became pregnant with my second child.  I knew I wanted an unmedicated birth with as few interventions as possible and knew the best way to achieve that was by hiring a doula.  Diana was an amazing resource from the prenatal sessions to delivery.  My husband and I met with her a few times during my pregnancy so she could completely understand what my wishes were for the birth.  She also discussed techniques to cope with the pain.  Diana was completely available as my due date approached, checking in on me to make sure all was going OK.

When I went into labor, she was a great resource on helping me manage the pain while still at home and to help me decide when it was time to go to the hospital.  She met my husband and me at the hospital and was such a calming presence for when the pain got to be intense.  Even when I was asking for pain medicine, she calmly kept me going without them.  If not for her, I know I would have gotten an epidural.  It was time to push about an hour after getting to the hospital, and my son was born after 2 pushes.  I got the birth I wanted and know I couldn’t have done it without Diana.

Throughout our entire experience with Diana, she was professional yet very warm and personable.  I’d recommend her to any pregnant woman without hesitation.

-Mallory B.

Diana was a godsend! Without family nearby to help (our families live on the East Coast) and my lack of any experience with caring for a newborn, my first several weeks postpartum were so much smoother thanks to Diana. She walked me through everything from breast-feeding, pumping, and bottle-feeding, to assisting me in putting our baby down for naps and accompanying me to my 6-week postpartum check up. I could take a shower and nap thanks to Diana! She had the uncanny ability to read subtle environmental clues and be in tune to what my needs are at that moment, even when I didn’t know myself.

I tend to become shy and introverted in front of a group of strangers, so the mommy support group formats are not comfortable or the best fit for me. Diana’s warm and compassionate personality made it easy to develop a connection and friendship with her. I enjoyed our conversations during long cluster feeding sessions and stroller walks. I will always treasure the companionship and emotional support that she provided. Most of all, she was absolutely wonderful with our baby girl!

– Jenny H.

Diana came to our home for several weeks after our daughter was born. We always looked forward to her visits! She was wonderful with our daughter, and I enjoyed having someone to talk to who could give me ideas and tips, and help me through my first postpartum weeks. We always felt 100% comfortable with her in our home and looking after our daughter. She carefully looked for ways she could help around the house to make things easier for us, and was in general always very thoughtful. She went above and beyond by making me a special sitz solution in my first week back home and gifting me some amazing energy bars filled with good ingredients to help boost milk production and get me the nutrients I needed when it was sometimes hard to eat complete meals throughout the day! We were so glad to have Diana as a postpartum doula and wholeheartedly recommend her!

-Cristina T.

My family is very happy with the care we received from Diana. She supported us around the birth of our second child, and I’m also a birth worker myself, so our needs for support varied. Diana took it all in stride and adapted to what we needed. My two year old daughter adores her – she’s amazing with kids! My new baby is at ease with Diana too. I appreciated her knowledge of herbs and alternative health options in general, and her calming energy. Diana is caring and wonderful. Thank you Diana!

-Kathryn O.

Diana is a wonderful doula! We had our first child in December 2015 and my husband and I wanted someone to be our advocate in the hospital and help us through the labor process. We interviewed a few women and Diana had a calm, warm, and laid back style that we really connected with.

Her prep sessions were really thorough, in terms of getting to know us and our expectations, wants, and needs, as well as making sure to answer all the questions we still had after childbirth class was over. At 37 weeks, we got the news that I would be having a scheduled C-section because my baby was still breech and unlikely to turn. I was very disappointed and Diana was a great person to talk through all my feelings with.

A week and half before my scheduled section, we had a false labor scare. I rushed to the hospital and Diana met us there and stayed with us for 8 hours until we got discharged. Her presence there made my husband and I more calm and, once we knew there was no real danger, less annoyed that we were stuck there for so long.

When the real date came, Diana was with us from when we checked in until a couple of hours after we had our baby. The procedure was not that bad for me, but it was still nice to have an extra set of hands around and set us up for breast feeding success.

Her true time to shine for us though was in the postpartum period. Diana went home with us when we left the hospital and helped us set up the areas in the house we would need with the baby (where I would nurse, where the baby would sleep, sterilizing pump supplies, etc.) and got us groceries. She also came by to help a couple of times in that first week before my family arrived. She was a great person to have around when my husband had to be at work and I was feeling lonely/overwhelmed in my new role as a mom. I can’t imagine those days without her!

If (when!) we have another child, I will absolutely want to work with Diana again.

-Ana C. 

I am so thrilled to have had Diana as our postpartum doula for my son Gabriel! Diana is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, and kind; and she was a tremendous help to my husband and me after the birth with breastfeeding and emotional support. My friends hired Diana as a gift to my husband and I and I had no idea how helpful and amazing it would be to have a Doula after my son was born. She helped me understand what was going on and make good decisions. It was so nice to have her there to answer any weird questions I had and just make me feel like I was normal. Diana’s style was an excellent fit for what I wanted in my afterbirth experience.

-Laura L. 

Diana was our doula recently for the birth our first baby, and we had an excellent experience working with her. She provided us with lots of information and encouragement both prior to and after our son’s arrival. The prenatal visits took place in our home, and Diana really took time to get to know us, learn about our birth preferences in detail, and even practice some birthing techniques. In our case, the actual birth happened very fast, but Diana was able to meet us at the hospital and provide support during the most difficult part of the labor. The most important thing for us, though, was all the support she gave us in the postpartum period. I had a difficult healing process, and Diana was there for us through the whole thing, providing advice and resources during multiple home visits as well as by text and email. Diana always tailored her doula services to our specific situation and listened carefully to our needs. Throughout our work together, she was always friendly, professional, competent, and reliable. I would highly recommend her to any parents-to-be.

-Michelle L. 

I want to recommend Diana to anyone that is pregnant or is planning on becoming pregnant. She was my doula during my most recent pregnancy. I have a lot of great things to say about her. She gave me a lot of support during my pregnancy, during my labor and delivery and is still there for me now. She is such a nice, caring, loving person. Her support during this times has helped me a lot. Thanks to her knowledge and support my labor and delivery was easier. She is so loving and caring that she has been there for me up until now. Today she took 2 hours of her personal time to go with me to a new mom support group. Thank you for caring for my well being.

-Yuri J.